3 ways to know Diana Thater’s work

Diana Thater  creates installations that oscillate between architecture and sculpture and in which she reflects on perception, the gaze and the ways that human beings inhabit their world and recognize themselves in it.  To achieve this awareness of time and space, she makes use of resources like sound and color, playing with the projection of different tonalities on walls and corners.

The natural world is a constant feature in Thater’s work, represented by flora and fauna, where there is no specific narrative that develops in a temporality and spatiality other than those of human beings.  Through these pieces the artist reflects on the opposition between nature and culture and on the ways we communicate with and relate to the other beings that also inhabit this world.

1. Check out this video from Art21 dedicated to Diana Thater.

2.- Visit Jardín Botánico Culiacán where you can find contemporary artworks like Red Flower Video Wall by Diana Thater and Encounter by James Turrell

3. Visit her Vimeo channel. It’s a great way to see her artworks and installations across the world: CLICK HERE