Artists by Artists

“The Isabel and Agustin Coppel Collection (CIAC A.C), in the absence of a fixed place for its exhibitions, but with a persistent interest for displaying and generating different dialogues and lines of research around their acquis, presents its sixth curatorial exercise in its premises.

It is in this private space where CIAC´s team performs —among other activities— investigation about the pieces that conform the collection on an ongoing basis; that is why it is pertinent to perform these exercises for the space in which CIAC dwells in an attempt to materialize a small part of the work that takes place here.

On this occasion, the exhibit artists by artists proposes an approach to the portraits of artists made by other artists, which give an account of the importance of these subject matters inside the photographic medium by entering into the history of art, both, as documentation objects and as works of art.”

Magnolia de la Garza

  • Curatorship: CIAC
  • Sixth curatorship for CIAC’s office, 2019