Dimensions of disobedience

“The labor of curatorial research and selection normally begins by establishing temporal, spatial or thematic coordinates that delimit the universe of ideas, images and objects being confronted by whomever is carrying it out. For practical purposes, or, as it were, with the aim of organizing chaos, it is necessary to show its starting point, its time of arrival, and the extent of its scope. The present selection, however, has not been enclosed by way of temporal or spatial plans (even though these cannot be avoided in one’s passage through the space and time of exhibition), but rather strictly out of an interest in showing a range of artists’ attempts to transgress the systems of reference that define those plans, thereby rethinking the ways in which the world is perceived and its foundations laid…It is important to note that the spatial and temporal dimensions that imbue artistic language are employed by the creators selected here in order to break the structures of the system itself. Sometimes it is only possible to break with certain assumptions by drawing on their own mechanisms. After all, time and space are also a kind of language, susceptible to being transformed through their uses. When formal searches succeed in breaking off a chunk of the fabric that we call the universe, an escape hatch is created. It is through these tears or interstices created from languages that it is possible to see other realities and to practice other perceptions that would lead — or have already led — to different existences.”

  • Second exhibition made for CIAC office.
  • Curator: Barbara Cuadriello