Implicaciones de la imagen

“Las Implicaciones de la Imagen (Implications of the Image) has its origins in the Isabel and Agustin Coppel Collection, and its related to multiple lines of research that witness the diverse scenes of contemporary art. Following the features that distinguish the collection itself, the show is based on a non-linear conception of space and time, where several concepts and artistic strategies converge. If we were to find a constant in this exhibition we could say that works it includes are alternatives to the modern canon, which were activated by audacious and foundation trends like Pop, Minimal and Conceptual Art.

The margins of the collection are wide and malleable in relation to a strictly historical perspective. The main axis that structures the criteria for the acquisition of artworks is current art production, even if –at times- it also includes works coming from processes associated to modernity. Historical photography is an example of this, as a kind of production that shapes the background of contemporary art. That is why the genealogical position that shapes the collection is the point of departure for the curatorial proposal.

Implications of the Image opens multiple discursive axis, which do not correspond to the historic or geographical quotas. Instead, the exhibition –which is intended to highlight its fragmentary system of construction- establishes six inclusive thematic categories aimed at opening potential lines of research and analysis within the collection: Departing from the Object, The Fragmentation of Time and Space, From the Individual to the Character, The Body, From the Cracks in Power, From Concept to Memory.”


  • Curator: Taiyana Pimentel
    MASIN Museo de Arte de Sinaloa 16/03/06- s/f
    MUCA-CU Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Artes in Mexico City. 12/04/08-29/06/08
    Capilla del Arte en la Universidad de las Américas y Galería de Arte del Palacio Municipal in Puebla 10/10/09-10/01/10