The overflow of productivity logic

“This curatorial selection is based on pieces that, through gestures, evocations or representations, displace the meaning of some of the conceptual pillars of the prevailing economic model. Many of the works that were chosen open to discussion terms like: productivity, utility, productive hours, benefits, optimization, informal economies and exchange value…the intention of this selection is to demonstrate the importance that activities that defy capitalist logic have on the constitution of the individual and of society. Reflection and analysis, using the imagination and thinking critically are necessary and fruitful even if they do not produce an object or a quantifiable gain, for it is only through the displacement of meaning and certainty that the possibility of building other worlds can be glimpsed.”

The overflow of productivity logic, under the curatorship of Barbara Cuadriello, was the first exhibition made specifically for the collection’s office. On 2015, as part of our many efforts to create a closer dialogue with a wider audience, the exhibition travelled to Canada, to be presented on the Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal from December 15, 2015 to February 27, 2016.